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We Are Dieselmech

Diesel Mech started in February 1999 as small to medium truck repair shop. Then moved to heavy duty trucks and soon realised  that a complete in house repair centre with diagnostics, component repairs,

Soon after opening, David shifted his business to mobile lifting equipment, 4×4 vehicles, and specialized heavy-duty vehicles, and today has an entire workshop dedicated to the industry, offering heavy duty parts, major engine repairs, hydraulic systems, heavy duty transmissions, as well as full integrated diagnostics, including training facilities.

Hydraulics and pneumatics would provide a much better service to our customers. Our services now include engine and transmission, supply and service mobile hydraulic components and air brake systems with parts and repairs. Also including in this service is a new section of hydraulic and air hoses and fittings giving our customers a fully competent and reliable service.

Other members of the company include:

Daniel – Wabco air brake systems
Daniel – diagnostics
Thabo – field service

Our company mission

We strive to offer our clients a one-stop service that includes diagnostics and fault finding, right through to the complete repair to all heavy-duty components, and we believe that through this, we are also able to offer an extensive level of skills training.

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