We do repairs to all heavy vehicles, as well as the sale and reconditioning of components for heavy-duty vehicles.

Any vehicles and equipment used in the farming, transportation and construction industry, such as cranes, farming equipment and bulldozers, for instance, are regarded as heavy-duty vehicles. These vehicles need to be kept in excellent running condition for these industries to work at optimum levels and it is companies Dieselmech that are hired to maintain and repair these vehicles and equipment.

Our highly trained mechanics are fully qualified to repair and maintain all diesel-powered motors, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems on construction, agricultural, rail, and industrial vehicles, to make sure that they are working safely and at peak levels, at all times.

Engines, transmissions, diagnostics, hose assemblies, air systems repairs.

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Areas we service

Dieselmech operates in both the Cape Town and Gauteng areas.

Our company mission

We strive to offer our clients a one-stop service that includes diagnostics and fault finding, right through to the complete repair to all heavy-duty components, and we believe that through this, we are also able to offer an extensive level of skills training.